The BBC reports that a man has been arrested in connection with over 100 vehicle fires in Berlin. Police have indicated that an unemployed 27-year-old took to arson in response to his own debts and jealousy toward individuals with luxury cars. The suspect set fire to a total of 67 vehicles over a span of three months, with an additional 35 cars caught fire as a result. Berlin has suffered a surge in luxury vehicle fires, with over 470 cars torched in the city just this year. Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles have all suffered the brunt of the burnings. The activity has raised concerns about the possibility of growing political extremism in the area.

Recently, a left-wing group calling itself the Hekla Reception Committee took credit for placing a number of explosive devices in train stations around the city, including at least one device on a section of high-speed rail. The group's motivations remain unclear at this point, and it's uncertain whether or not the HRC is tied to instances of vehicle arson.

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