General Motors' German arm, Opel, wants to be the "market leader in electric mobility," according to the automaker's head of sales and marketing, Alain Visser.

That's one task that's easier said than done, for sure. Still, with the plug-in Ampera scheduled to launch next month, Opel says it's ready to usher in the era of electric mobility. Visser claims the Ampera will boost Opel's green cred and jump start the automaker's electrified future.

Opel's immediate future could include the launch of two additional electrified vehicles. One will reportedly be a production version of the two-seat RAK e concept that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Officially, Visser will only only say that, "By the year's end, we'll decide whether to bring the RAK e into regular production. If the decision turns out to be positive, the RAK e could reach the market as early as 2013."

What's the other electric in the works? Well, Automotive News speculates that an electric minicar based off the Chevrolet Spark seems the most likely candidate. Visser's comment? Opel is working on an electric minicar. That is all.

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