Corvette with dead battery traps would-be thief

Here's a useful tip for all you would-be Chevrolet Corvette thieves out there: If you happen to find yourself in a Vette with the windows up and the doors locked when the battery goes dead, there's an actual mechanical release for the door mechanism squirreled away inside.

We won't tell you exactly where it is, because, well, that sort of takes the fun out of things. Just ask one would-be joyrider in Price George, British Columbia. The 21-year-old man saw a Corvette idling with the door open, hopped inside, rolled up the windows and locked the doors. What he didn't see was that the owner had just put away his battery charger.

When the thief stalled the car trying to back out of the driveway, he found himself in one very dead piece of American engineering with no way to escape (that he knew of). Despite his efforts to break the side glass with a hatchet and pry open the door with a screw driver, police arrived on the scene and were happy to help him out of the vehicle and into a cell after charging him with multiple theft and weapons offenses.

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