Most vehicles today require routine maintenance at predetermined intervals. For the Nissan Leaf, the first required check-up comes at the 15,000-mile (or one year) mark. But Nissan North America still "recommends" a six-month service stop.

Why at six-months? Well, it's more for the company than the car, really. This stop provides Nissan with a way to keeps tabs on the Leaf and allows its mechanics a chance to catch any potential problems with the groundbreaking electric hatch.

What gets done if a Leaf owner decides to drop by the dealership at the six-month mark? Just about next to nothing. Nissan's technicians will do the usual, including inspecting the underside of the vehicle, popping the hood for a peek and rotating the tires. But that's it. There's no motor oil to change and, aside from a thorough exterior washing, there's not much to be done to the Leaf.

In fact, the service is so brief that most Leaf owners drink a cup o' joe in the waiting room while roaming the web for the few minutes it takes to complete the recommended checks. The cost? Some Nissan dealers perform the service for free, while others charge up to $89. Our advice? Get your Leaf checked at six months, especially if your dealer offers it for nothing (if not, call around). It is, after all, one of the most technologically advanced vehicles around.

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Nissan LEAF

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