Kowloon  Motor Bus

The government of Hong Kong is ready to invest $180 million to acquire 36 single-decker buses, but ordinary coaches won't cut it. Ordinary emissions buses, that is.

Concerns over roadside pollution have convinced government officials in Hong Kong to purchase eight low-emissions "supercapacitor" and 28 electric buses to trial throughout the city-state. If these 36 buses prove capable of surviving the daily grind, then Hong Kong will come up with additional funds to secure more of the low-emissions coaches.

According to China Daily, Kowloon Motor Bus (pictured) is in line to get the eight "super-capacitor" buses that recharge at each stop, while the 28 electric buses will be divided among Hong Kong's four franchise bus operators. And in case you were wondering, $180 million for 36 buses means each one will set Hong Kong back $5 million.

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