World Report 10/21: Fisker Karma EPA Rating Disappoints And More

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The hotly anticipated plug-in hybrid electric Fisker Karma has finally arrived, but it's brought some baggage with it. Namely, the underwhelming MPG numbers released earlier this week by the EPA. Under gasoline power, the Karma achieves a meager 20 MPG. Combine that with 32 miles of electric range and you arrive at an EPA estimated 52 MPGe.

That might not sound terrible--and certainly better than most of the vehicles currently parked in garages across America--but, as Autoblog Green points out, Fisker oversold a bit by estimating 50 miles of electric range and 67.2 MPGe while the vehicle was still in development.


Toyota Prius C

In a Photoshop age, it's difficult to confirm the validity of any unofficial image, but these scans from an allegedly leaked Japanese brochure may offer the first glimpse at Toyota's forthcoming Prius C. The C will be Toyota's smallest offering in its newly expanded Prius lineup, which will also include the family-sized Prius V and plug-in Prius PHV. For more images, check out the original post at Carscoop, or, for any Japanese-speakers among you, feel free to go straight to the source.


NASA Space Colony Concept Circa 1970s

The future may hold wonders beyond our wildest imagination, but, as it turns out, so does the past. That is, when the past re-imagines the future. Does your head hurt yet? Click through for some mind-bending space colony concept renderings c/o NASA, circa the 1970s.


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