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Watch this Hotchkis Porsche 962 obliterate Laguna Seca at Rennsport

There are many things to love about the Rennsport Reunion. Stacks of beautiful Porsche metal, the chance to meet racing legends face to face and the sound of historic race cars barking at the paddock walls all make for an experience unlike any other. But for us, the best part is watching those vintage racers take to a track like Laguna Seca in anger. This year, Mark Hotchkis hopped behind the wheel of the Hotchkis Porsche 962 for a few quick laps on the renowned road circuit once again. He wasn't there for a leisurely Sunday drive.

Hotchkis wasted no time slicing through traffic and generally consuming tarmac like only a properly-wielded 962 can. The Replay XD guys were kind enough to strap a few dozen cameras to the car to give us an idea of the action from every angle, and the result is pretty entertaining way to blow four minutes and change. Hit the jump to check it out for yourself.

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