In Bad Taste: Dainese ads target organ donors

It's no secret that EMTs, firefighters and emergency room nurses have a perverse sense of humor, especially when it comes to motorcycle riders. It's a sort of defense mechanism against the visual horrors those occupations impart on those who work them, and with the mortality rate among bike riders as high as it is, there's no wonder why motorcycles are called donorcycles in first-responder circles. Even so, these ads worked up by an agency for Dianese in 2007 embrace the morbid side of riding just a little too wholeheartedly. The ads apologize on behalf of the safety gear manufacturer for those still waiting for donor organs.

Having just recently bounced myself off of the pavement at a decent speed, I can vouch for Dianese's proficiency at keeping your skin attached to your body and your bones in one piece, but the ads are still a bit much. The tag line, "We keep bikers from becoming donors" is pretty catchy, though.

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