The Detroit News reports that Chrysler workers are none too happy with the proposed four-year labor agreement drawn up by the Auburn Hills automaker and the United Auto Workers. UAW Local 372 has voted against ratification of the plan, with just 45 percent of members voting for the measure. The chapter represents workers at the Chrysler Trenton Engine Complex. In addition, UAW Local 869, which serves the Chrysler Warren Stamping Plant, also vetoed the labor contract with 54 percent of workers there voting against the contract.
The report indicates that four UAW chapters have voted against ratifying the labor agreement while three have voted for the measure. The final tally from a seventh chapter remains unclear. The UAW, meanwhile, is apparently working to keep a lid on early results, saying that the knowledge could sway the decisions of other chapters and that a local-by-local breakdown would be posted after all results were in. That's a different stance from how the union handled voting results with the Ford contract which saw results posted by chapter as soon as they were tabulated.

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