We're beginning to think Australia is the Promised Land. The wayward continent embraces all things motorized in a way that never fails to make us smile. Lately, we've become aware of the growing number of vastly talented motorcycle builders coming from that corner of the globe, including Matt Machine.

Machine is responsible for a volley of well-executed bikes, including a Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans that will stop your heart and start it back up again if you look at it for too long. A few video-oriented friends recently swung by the Machine farm for a few days to work up a quick flick on the man's inner workings as well as his creations. The result is fantastic.

The video after the jump is a well-shot ode to hand-crafting works of two-wheeled obsession. As Machine says, "It's about me learning how to use my hands and use tools and use my brain to build things from scratch."

Amen. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

MACHINE from matt machine on Vimeo.

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