Mother of all Hot Wheels tracks leaves us speechless, if real [w/poll]

We'll admit it, this video isn't exactly new, but it's the first time we're seeing it and, honestly, we're stunned. The creators have dubbed this "The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks," and after sitting at our desks with wide eyes and dropped jaws, we're inclined to agree. And not just because it's amazing to watch a little toy car run a claimed 2,000-foot gauntlet of orange plastic – it's remarkable from a construction standpoint, too. Think about it: How many times would you design an elaborate Hot Wheels track only to have the whole thing come apart around Turn Four?

Consider this thing the Nürburgring of the Hot Wheels world.

Being the skeptics that we are, we so have to question the authenticity of this race course, only because the changing camera angles leaves some wiggle room for building the sections separately with much less track. You can vote yea or nay in our poll below, but frankly, we want to live in a world where this is 100 percent real.

Regardless, it's an amazing feat of Hot Wheels engineering, and we highly encourage you to take four minutes out of your day to watch the full video, posted after the jump.

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