General Motors may not be handing over cold-hard cash to fund a remake of Cannonball Run after all. Detroit News DC Bureau Chief David Shepardson announced via Twitter that GM has denied the rumors, saying that there isn't even a script to go with the speculation. Those words came from Tom Henderson with GM communications.
Buzz that GM would step past the typical product placement role and into full-blown financial support of a film hit the wires late Tuesday evening. A report from New York Magazine indicated that Guy Ritchie may be helming the project with Brad Pitt serving as the lead talent. Of course, that same report also mentioned Ben Stiller as a possible star as well. Those sound like two very, very different movies.

While we're fine with a remake of Cannonball Run, we're a little apprehensive about what could amount to a two-hour long advertisement for GM metal. No one likes watching a movie where every main vehicle is from one brand or another, especially when the film specifically focuses on an illicit race. Who wants to see a Spark square off against an Equinox?

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