Coalition for E85 pushing for extension of biofuel subsidies

Objections to fossil fuel subsidies have not halted the forming of a coalition to push for the extension of E85 credits. Dubbed the Coalition for E85, the group consists of retailers, producers, equipment manufacturers, and others who have joined forces to urge the federal government to extend the blended-biofuels' tax credit.
If the current tax credit for ethanol expires at year's end (as has been talked about), the Coalition for E85 asserts that drivers of flex-fuel vehicles will pay up to 38 cents more a gallon to fuel their rides with the biofuel. This increase, according to the Coalition, will force some E85-related firms to close their doors.

Currently, some alternative fuels receive a $0.50 a gallon tax credit as part of the U.S. government's Alternative Fuel Credit. The Coalition argues that E85 should be credited, too. Others strongly disagree.

The Coalition for E85 consists of Propel Fuels, Protec, Pearson Fuels, Clean Fuels Development Coalition, multiple ethanol industry associations, pump and tank manufacturers and individual E85 retailers.

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