Forget to lock your car? You could be in for a reminder... Forget to lock your car? You could be in for a reminder from police (quinn.anya, Flickr).
Police officers invoked the ire of drivers in Beverly, Mass. after they issued warnings and locked the doors of cars that had been left unlocked, even if the keys were still inside.

The police officer's actions, while perhaps a bit invasive, did have drivers' best interests at heart, as stealing components from unlocked vehicles has been a rising trend for car thieves over the past couple of years.

"It's a little creepy, but I think that it has best intentions," a Beverly resident told WBZ-TV.

According to the local news outlet, the police issued about 100 warnings -- equating to roughly 1 in every 5 cars that offers tested -- that alerted car owners' of their mistake and offered some safety tips for avoiding vehicular theft in the future.

While some motorists were understanding of the officers' intentions, others were quite put off -- especially those that had their keys locked inside their cars.

"A few were upset by the fact that we went into their vehicles, and we understand it," said Beverly Police Chief Mark Ray.

On the other hand, how stupid can people be? And do the truly stupid need to be protected from themselves, and creating an environment that attracts and lures thieves?

It may seem like a libertarian principle. "If I want to leave my keys in the car, unlocked, with iPod, removable navigation device and even a wallet on the front seat, that is my business," a true Libertarian might say.

But police counter that they are preventing crime, and ultimately more investigative work for themselves.

What do you think? Should police officers see it as their duty to lock people's cars for them?

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