Where will the electric 2013 Chevrolet Spark be built? Well, if you asked that question of General Motors, then this is the answer you'd likely receive:

No location of production has been decided yet.

Those are the quoted words of a GM Korea spokesman, according to Ward's Auto. If, however, that same question were posed to Mark Modica, associate fellow at the National Legal and Policy Center, you'll get a different answer. Modica says he has it "on good authority" that the Spark will be built in Korea.

According to Modica, GM North America director of communications, Greg Martin, admitted that both the conventional and electric versions of the U.S.-bound Chevy Spark will be manufactured in South Korea.

Two conflicting stories, that's for sure. So, which one is more accurate? Well, considering that both the gasoline- and diesel-fueled Sparks are currently built in South Korea, there is some logic to the idea that the electric minicar being manufactured there, too.Without an official word from GM, we'll keep the Spark's country of origin a big question mark.

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