Professional driver on a closed course? Nope, not this time.

Proving that you don't have to be Ken Block, and that you don't need a specially prepared rally car from Ford (though it certainly doesn't hurt...) or a mega budget to make a cool video are Etienne Guerra and Leaking Duck Productions. The driver and his crew used a 1986 Ford Fiesta Ghia that they apparently found in a shed and coaxed into starting, plus some Monster-inspired paint and a motocross riding suit to replicate the famous video series.

And you know what? From the looks of it, they had a blast.

Sure, there's a lot less tire smoke and a lot less fancy video editing, but that doesn't mean this no-budget Gymkhana session is any less entertaining. Check it out after the break, but beware: we're not suggesting you run out and try to make your own. Have fun out there, but be safe.

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