World Report 10/14: National Plug In Day And More

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Be sure to mark your calenders. This Sunday, Oct 16 is the first-ever National Plug In Day, being celebrated in major cities across the U.S., with a flagship parade planned to start in Santa Monica at 10 a.m. Who Killed The Electric Car Director and EV enthusiast Chris Paine is expected to speak at the event.


BMW Laserlight

You may recall our post on BMW's new laserlight headlamps, which debuted on their i8 concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, details were scant on the new technology, but BMW recently provided a demonstration at their Munich headquarters to display the power and safety of the laser-powered lights. Among the attendees was MotorTrend, who diagrams and details the high performance headlights here.



Last year, we brought you a round up of the automotive X Prize winners, including the E85-powered Edison2 Very Light Car (VLC). Since then, Edison2 has gone on to develop an electric version called the eVLC. The goal of the eVLC was to take the extremely aerodynamic and (you guessed it) lightweight design of the original VLC, and successfully pair it with a zero-emission electric powertrain to create one of the worlds cleanest, most efficient vehicles. Mission accomplished.

The eVLC achieved a staggering 245 MPGe rating in an EPA-accredited test conducted at Roush Laboratories. That's well over twice the MPGe that the EPA bestowed upon the all-electric Nissan Leaf.


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