Kenneth Moen drifts a hillclimb with his bonkers Toyota Supra turbo

Nothing incinerates a perfectly good set of tires better than a drift car. And no drift car makes as much smoke as Kenneth Moen's turbocharged Toyota Supra. Yes, Ken Block turns out some great videos with high production values and plenty of tail-wagging craziness... but wait 'til you get a load of this.

Moen pointed his battle-scarred Supra in the general direction of 'up' at the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena in Lillehammer, Norway, a facility you may recall from the 1994 Winter Olympics. Smoke-filled antics ensued, and it was all captured on video for your viewing pleasure.

If you fancy yourself a fan of drifting insanity, do yourself a favor and watch the video after the break.

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