Clarkson contract blunder leads to cancellation of Top Gear TomTom GPS

Those of you hoping to hear the boisterous voice of Jeremy Clarkson coming out of your TomTom GPS are going to be quite disappointed. As it turns out, part of the BBC's editorial guidelines state that none of the Top Gear presenters can endorse motoring products, and thus, having Clarkson screaming out of your TomTom is a clear violation of this policy.

Some 54,000 units of the Clarkson-ified TomTom have already been produced, with many already in stores. BBC Worldwide has stated that it will now donate all proceeds from the TomToms to the Children In Need charity. The BBC told UK's The Guardian that Jezzeh was in no way involved with setting up this deal and will not make any money from the partnership between BBC and TomTom.

Looks like drivers will now be forced to add in their own insults, sarcasm and humor to the TomTom sat-nav experience.

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