We're not sure how we missed this while attending the centennial event for Chevrolet yesterday, but apparently a cyber prankster got the better of General Motors while we were busying reporting on a new Trailblazer, the Spark EV and the return of the Belle Isle Grand Prix to Detroit.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, visitors to the company's headquarters yesterday would see the word "sucks" on their computer screens after any mention of certain competitors when using a particular Wi-Fi network in the building. The targeted competitors were Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and Honda.

A GM spokesman confirmed that the automaker had nothing to do with the prank, which was quickly fixed. The prank's perpetrator? A subcontractor who had helped set up the network. When pressed on why he/she did it, the prankster reportedly said it was intended to be humorous. We're betting the subcontractor's employer won't find it funny when GM takes its business elsewhere next time, which will probably make life suck for the subcontractor.

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