Chinese automakers have had a heck of a time trying to crack the crowded European vehicle market, but Chery is hoping to change that in a few years. Automotive News reports that Chery is hoping to take up shop in Europe sometime after 2015.
Chery Deputy General Manager Lu Jianhui reportedly provided the 2015 timeline as the planned date to offer the brand in Europe, but added "we are still focusing on Russia and South America, among others, as our major export markets." Chery is already moving a lot of metal in those emerging markets, with a planned 180,000 vehicles for export in 2011. The automaker hopes to bump that sum closer to one million vehicles before the decade is out.

The 2015 timeline comes after news of a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corp to build three vehicles. The 1.5-billion-euro project would result in vehicles to be sold in China, followed by European sales one year later.

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