Radio-controlled cars and trucks can be tons of fun, as anyone who grew up piloting the little toys will surely tell you. Judging by our own experience, there's no youngster that doesn't think of what great projects could be completed if he or she were only an adult with a nearly unlimited budget. Thing is, most of us never actually pursue such ideas when we reach adulthood.

Thankfully, there are a select few that really do follow through with their childhood aspirations of radio-controlled lunacy. Like the man in the video after the break, who mounted a pulse jet engine to the chassis of a relatively cheap radio controlled truck purchased from Radio Shack (which apparently sponsored the project for PopSci). Four pounds of thrust may not sound like a whole heck of a lot, but it's plenty sufficient to get this truck moving at ludicrous speed.

Best of all, the project was all captured on video, including some on-car footage from a GoPro mounted at the nose. See for yourself after the break, and if you want to replicate the good times, a complete parts list is included at Popular Science, as well.

*UPDATE: We heard from the builder (Thanks, Vin!), who sent us a link to a slightly longer video, which we've pasted after the break.

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