Three days, 600 Nissan Leafs sold.

That's the word over in Norway, where Frode Langli of Nissan Norway has tracked Leaf sales since the electric hatch launched there on Saturday, October 8. Including the weekend, Langli says Leaf sales hit nearly 600 by early Tuesday.

Some 1,200 Norwegian hand-raisers showed early interest in the Leaf by signing up on Nissan's website, and around half have signed contracts and are now awaiting delivery of their electric hatchbacks. Langli says the first batch of Norway-bound Leafs are scheduled to arrive in November, but points out that most Norwegian Leaf enthusiasts will have to wait until 2012 to take delivery of their electrified machines. Worldwide demand for the Leaf means long delays and shortages everywhere (e.g., Canada) but Langli notes that Norway is a priority for Nissan because the Mitsubishi i-MiEV currently sits atop the plug-in sales charts there.

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