1,800-horsepower beach buggy lifts front wheels... in fifth gear

It might not look like more than your typical Baja buggy with that mosquito nose and King shocks handling massive travel. But walk to the rear and check out the chrome, twin-turbo LS engine hanging off the back, and then pay attention when someone tells you it's an 1,800-horsepower lump from Nelson Racing Engines (NRE).

You might remember mention of NRE from the Transtar Dagger GT, the "No R&D!" supercar that planned to employ one of NRE's 2,000-hp engines. While we wait for Transtar to deliver, you can see what that kind of power looks like in the video after the jump, when the buggy points at the sky in every gear when the driver hits the throttle.

The video's got plenty of footage and info, but make sure you hang around for the jumps and speed runs. It's proof that there's no such thing as too much power.

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