Bicycle repair stand at gas station in Denmark

With potholes, overly aggressive drivers and the constant threat of a flat, bicyclists kind of have it tough. But over in Copenhagen, already one of the world's most pedal power-friendly cities, an oil company by the name of Statoil ASA is making it just a bit easier to commute on two wheels.

Statoil ASA has installed bicycle repair sites at select gas stations in Copenhagen. The bike stations feature a pull-down shelf to lift and hold bicycles during repairs, an air hose, paper towels and gloves. Inside the gas stations are free bicycle repair kits that can be used for more extensive bike work.

Translated, the note on the stations reads, "You can care for your bicycle here. You can pump and wash your bicycle and, inside the shop, you're welcome to borrow a free bicycle care kit with oil, tire levers, allen keys, etc."

While these repair stations represents only a minute step towards establishing a broad two wheel-friendly infrastructure, they're still a step in the right direction.

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