Craftsman AssureLink redefines remote garage door opener [w/video]

Craftsman has paired the company's garage door openers with smart phone technology to give home owners remote control of the door from anywhere. Anyone who's ever left home and forgotten to close up shop after they've departed can appreciate the value of the system. Craftsman Assurelink users must sign up for an annual $19.99 activation fee and purchase a compatible opener for around $275. Afterwards, they can control their garage door from any internet-enabled smartphone, computer or tablet. Sounds pretty handy.

Craftsman has even protected against the unlikely event of someone getting squished by the automated door with audio and visual warnings that work in conjunction with the standard pressure clutch that protects against flattening toddlers or causing other undue harm. The technology borrows from the same thinking that allows some vehicle owners to access features like door locks and remote starting from their handheld devices. Hit the jump for a video of the device in action.

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