2013 Ford Mustang Gauge ModeIt looks as if the 2013 Ford Mustang will receive a 4.2-inch LCD screen in its gauge cluster. Stang TV has gotten its hands on some photos of a few dealer training posters introducing the new tech, and the screen can be configured to display all sorts of important vehicle information.

In addition to standard data like transmission and coolant temperature, owners will be able to keep an eye on cylinder head temperature, the air/fuel ratio and more. Now this is the kind of advance we get behind. Ford also appears to be readying a number of apps that drivers will be able to access through the screen.

Chief among those is a track app that can keep tabs on you information like eighth mile, quarter mile, 0-60 and 0-100 mile-per-hour times. Drivers will even be able to measure braking performance. It all sounds like a lot of gadgetry to play around with in a safe, controlled environment. Head over to Stang TV for a closer look.

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