Eight tips to extend electric vehicle battery life

Is battery longevity a legitimate concern? You bet it is.

With plug-in vehicles, their unproven battery technology could be the cause for constant worry among individuals, first among them the owners. Sure, lengthy warranties are attached to most plug-ins, but are there simple techniques to ensure that your electric ride doesn't run low on go-power anytime soon? Well, our buds over at Plugin Cars came up with eight simple tips that should go a long way to extend battery life. They are:
  • Avoid full charging when you can.
  • For pure electric vehicles, avoid deep discharging your battery pack.
  • For plug-in hybrids, consider "mountain-mode" or exiting EV-mode at key times.
  • Use timers to minimize the time spent at a high state of charge.
  • On a hot day, try to park in the shade. During the winter, park in a garage, rather than on the street.
  • If your electric vehicle has thermal management and the weather is extreme, plug in whenever you can.
  • Plan ahead for periods of extended storage.
  • To maximize battery life, minimize use of DC quick-charge.
Check out Plugin Cars for a detailed discussion on why these techniques should make for a battery that keeps going and going and... Of course, it's recommended that you always refer to your owner's manual before following any of the suggestions listed above.

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