BMW pulls The Switch on unsuspecting 1 Series owner

We can appreciate a well-orchestrated prank as much as the next guy. But being the car nuts we are, we'd implore any would-be prankster to leave cars out of it. TP the guy's house, Saran-wrap the toilet, make a crank call or two if you must. But for the love of all things holy, please leave the cars alone.

At least that's what we thought before we saw the kind of candid-camera prank the BMW Performance Parts team had in store for one driver in Singapore. The proud owner of a 1 Series Coupe returned to her car in the parking lot to find her car fitted with a Performance Power Kit and an upgraded exhaust system. It's a marketing schtick that reminds us of TV shows like Overhaulin', but at least it's sort of car prank we can get on board with. Check it out after the jump, and be mindful of a little bit of Not Safe For Work language.

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