Grab a newspaper and hold on to your butts! That's right, Japan's number one toilet maker, Toto, has created a tricycle that runs entirely on number two.

In theory, as long as the driver, well, um, er, defecates now and again so the system can convert the waste to biogas, Toto's toilet trike could run forever. Dubbed the Toilet Bike Neo Project, the campaign is part of Toto's Green Challenge of achieving a 50-percent reduction in CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017. That's a stench-reducing goal that will require some innovative thinking, like, for example, making a poop-powered trike – one that also plays music and talks, or course.

Just days from now, the much-talked-about tricycle will hit the streets of Japan on a month-long journey from Kyushu to Tokyo, with no potty breaks along the way. The idea is to show off Toto's innovative green initiatives by blasting across Japan in the future of poopy motoring. We wonder how much waste the system can handle, and if there'd be any sense to pulling over at rest areas, setting up a curtain and inviting people to help power your ride, as it were.

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