Tesla Model S Sport to rival BMW M5, 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds

Tesla Model S Alpha
  • Tesla Model S Alpha
  • Tesla Model S Alpha
  • Tesla Model S Alpha
  • Tesla Model S Alpha
A high-performance version of the zero-emissions Tesla Model S sedan will reportedly be available immediately from the vehicle's launch in 2012, giving Tesla a rival to the ultimate of Ultimate Driving Machines: the BMW M5.

Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk reportedly confirmed the Model S Sport launch alongside the unveiling of the near-production-ready electric sedan at an exclusive event for Model S reservation holders in Silicon Valley, CA.

According to Green Car Reports, Musk says the $80,000 high-performance version of the Model S will be offered with a battery pack sized at 85-kWh to give the sedan a 300-mile range. The Sport version will come equipped with enhancements that cut its 0 to 60-mph time from 5.5 to somewhere between 4.4 and 4.6 seconds.

Additionally, Musk confirmed the Model S will be offered with optional aerodynamic wheels, boosting range to 320 miles. Tesla's CEO stated:
People were skeptical about whether we could build an electric car with a 300-mile range. And we've gone and made one with a 320-mile range.
Tesla has also promised to equip the Model S with seating for up to seven and by fitting the sedan with a battery pack that can be swapped out by Tesla at suitable sites along major freeways. All to please Wall Street Journal scribe Dan Neil.

In closing, Musk stated:
The goal with the Model S was to build the best car, not just the best electric vehicle. It can seat seven, has got two boots, a really low center of gravity; no-one thought any of this was possible. I'm proud of this car and it's a revolution that I hope the rest of the industry will follow.
We like it, too. In our humble opinion, the Model S seems set to become the world's most spectacular zero-emissions vehicle. We'll know more when the car actually hits the road, but it sure looks good "on paper." You can see a video of a test drive shot from inside a Model S after the jump.

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