It's that time of month again. September 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied (see plug-in results here) and so we took a look at the good-old green standby, hybrid vehicles. With quake-related vehicle production issues more or less out of the picture, output of most hybrid vehicles is back on track, even if demand isn't.

For September, Toyota Prius sales came in at 9,325 units, down a bit from the 9,491 units sold in August and a couple thousand units shy of the 11,394 Priuses sold in September a year ago. The Honda CR-Z edged out the Honda Insight, with 537 versus 512 units sold, respectively. Meanwhile, sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid continued to slump, coming in at 305 units, up from the 106 gas-electric Civics sold in August. Though not a hybrid, the hydrogen Honda FCX Clarity tallied one unit sold in September, down 50 percent compared to the pair of FCX Clarity sedans sold in September of 2010 (aren't statistics wonderful?).

Luxury automaker Lexus reports that sales of the CT 200h rang in at 1,444 in September, down from August's mark of 2,087. And the not-so-hot Lexus HS 250h fared only okay with sales of 231 units, compared to 711 sold in September of 2010.

Overall, Toyota-Lexus posted September sales of 12,123 hybrid vehicles, a decrease of 18.5 percent compared to September of 2010. Lexus' hybrids accounted for 2,351 of those vehicles, leaving Toyota with 9,772 hybrids sold. Overall, the automaker sold 121,451 vehicles last month. We'll update this post as more sales numbers – particularly from Ford and Hyundai – become available. For details on plug-in vehicle sales, click here.

*UPDATE: Ford's numbers are in, with the Blue Oval reporting Fusion Hybrid sales of 552, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sales at 455 and sales of the gas-electric Escape at 566 units for the month of September.
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American Honda Reports September Sales

Honda trucks post 7.0-percent increase

10/03/2011 - TORRANCE, Calif.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted September sales of 89,532 vehicles, a decrease of 8.0 percent, the company announced today. American Honda year-to-date sales reached 859,797, down 6.2 percent versus last year, based on the daily selling rate*.

Honda Division posted September sales of 79,522, a drop of 8.2 percent versus September 2010. Honda trucks posted sales of 41,375, an increase of 7.0 percent due to strong sales of the CR-V, Pilot and Odyssey. The CR-V was the top-selling model for September, with sales of 19,604, up 9.5 percent. The Pilot posted a sales increase of 27.9 percent on sales of 10,306. The Accord recorded sales of 18,639, down 13.8 percent and the Civic, which is nearing full production, posted monthly sales of 13,724, down 26.4 percent.

"Our U.S. manufacturing facilities are finally up to full production and the results are starting to show with increased CR-V, Pilot and Odyssey sales," said John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president of sales. "Truckloads of new vehicles began arriving the last week of September and shoppers can now feel more confident that they will find what they want at their local Honda dealer."

Acura Division recorded September sales of 10,010, a decrease of 6.6 percent versus September 2010, and year-to-date sales of 89,146, down 7.9 percent. The TSX was the top-selling Acura model for the month with record September sales of 3,112 up 37.9 percent.

*The daily selling rate (DSR) is calculated with 25 days for September 2011 and 25 days for September 2010. Year-to-date DSR is calculated with 229 days for 2011 and 228 days for 2010. All percentages reflect DSR.

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