Nissan Canada: Sorry about the Leaf shortage; consider a discounted gas vehicle?

After selling out of Model Year 2011 Leafs in two hours, Nissan of Canada had to react, right? It did, but with an offer that's so not compelling that reader Eli G. was a bit put off.

You see, Eli was one of those 15,000 or so Canadian residents who missed out on the 40 Model Year 2011 Leafs headed for our neighbors to the north. Lucky for Eli, Nissan of Canada has an exclusive deal for those that missed out the Leaf. Basically, Nissan is offering Leaf enthusiasts up to $5,500 off the automaker's gasoline-powered vehicles. A $5,500 VPP Discount is available on the 2011 Armada (which, at 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway, is not even close to a fuel miser). VPP Discounts on other models range from $400 to $5,500 and vary by vehicle.

That's all fine and dandy, but for Eli and – we assume – most other Canadian Leaf enthusiasts, gas-fueled vehicles aren't of any interest. So, most of the 15,000 hand raisers will have to wait until October to try their luck again. At that time, fewer than 600 Model Year 2012 Leafs will be up for grabs, but with the odds clearly stacked against them, most hand raisers will remain Leaf-less.

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