Spyker sold to U.S. private equity firm

According to a report by the Financial Times, Spyker Cars has been offloaded to a Connecticut-based private equity firm after a deal to sell the supercar manufacturer to another set of investors failed a few months back.

North Street Capital, LP is the supposed new owner of Spyker, which Saab had been attempting to sell earlier this year. Negotiations were originally being hashed out between Saab and a partnership between a British and Russian consortium and Vladimir Antonov, which just recently announced plans to build a modern interpretation of the Jensen Interceptor.

As of today (9/28/2011), the terms of the deal haven't been released by either Saab or North Street Capital. Clearly though, considering how cash-strapped the company is, Saab is in desperate need of a funding infusion. We'll update this post with more details as they become available.

Spyker Information


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