Should Toyota's rumored Supra revival look like this?

  • Toyota Supra Rendering

The rumormill is churning full blast at the thought of a resurrected Toyota Supra, and while we don't have any more reliable information on whether or not Toyota will reintroduce the high-horsepower sports car, we have been treated to a rendering of what the vehicle might look like.

Artist Andreas Fougner took the time to stretch his skills over the notion of a Supra successor, and the result is the machine you see above. Fougner says that he drew his inspiration from both current and vintage Toyota models, as well as other vehicles that have made the jump from past to present while skipping a generation or two.

What's under the hood? Fougner hasn't bothered with specifics, though he did say that the modern Supra would need to be light and nimble, despite the vehicle's portly past, and that it should come with a high-revving, naturally aspirated beating heart. Forced induction would also be acceptable.

As for us, we wouldn't mind seeing a torque-happy straight six under that long hood, so long as it puts power to the rear wheels via an honest-to-God manual gearbox.

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