Maserati Kubang (sorta) in motion

Maserati has rolled out a new video to drum up anticipation for the company's new SUV concept, the Kubang. The flick begins with images of the Italian automaker's illustrious racing past, complete with open-wheel fire-breathers sliding across cobblestone courses and a fleet of MC-12 racers blowing past exuberant fans. That's all well before the portly, computer-generated Kubang saunters onto the screen. We'll be clear here; we understand that occasionally, automakers need to bow to the tides of popular demand so that they can keep cranking out the vehicles we love the most. It works for Porsche. We get it, but this seems to be a bridge too far.

Maybe it's the fact that the Kubang has a name that sounds like it was lifted from the classic El Kabong cartoon series. Maybe it's the sight of the reaching Maserati grille supersized and splayed over the front of an SUV. Whatever it is, we're having a hard time getting behind the machine, but we sincerely hope that a drive of it changes our mind – it did with Porsche's Cayenne. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself.

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