It's been reported today that a member of the Autoblog team has engaged in unethical behavior. The report indicated that Jeff Glucker, a contracted writer for Autoblog, published an article on the site today about a contest being run by Nissan while simultaneously under contract for the third-party agency running the contest.

Autoblog's editors were completely unaware of this improper relationship. Upon hearing these allegations, we conducted our own internal investigation into the matter and found the report to be true. Upon this discovery, we immediately terminated our relationship with Mr. Glucker and removed the article in question. We will also be reviewing Mr. Glucker's other articles to determine if conflicts are evident.

As a result of this episode, Autoblog is also reviewing our policies that pertain to potential conflicts of interest that may arise for our writers. Autoblog is part of AOL and the HuffingtonPost Media Group, which has a clearly defined policy on conflicts of interest that you can read after the jump, and this writer violated them. We sincerely apologize for this breach of trust with you, the reader, and will do our utmost to make sure it's never repeated.

John Neff
AOL Huffington Post Media Group Policy on Conflicts of Interest

In order to avoid conflicts of interests, AOL Huffington Post Media Group editors, writers, and reporters may not have a financial interest in a company or industry that they regularly cover. This does not include investments in mutual funds, money market funds, or other similar investments. HPMG editors, writers and reporters are also forbidden to make political contributions of any kind.

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