Disney AppMates creates interactive iPad experience with Pixar's CARS

Disney is looking to give younger children an excuse other than Angry Birds to play with their parents' Apple iPad. The company's new AppMates toys feature small Cars 2 characters with unique sensors inside them. Download a free application, place the toys on the screen, and kids can drive around a virtual interpretation of Radiator Springs. There are even games and missions to complete for older tikes. Each set comes with two characters for $19.99, and with the potential for endless updates to the Radiator Springs universe, chances are good that kids won't get bored of the game too quickly.

Of course, the only question is, who wants to hand over their tablet to their child aged four to nine? Fortunately, Disney has thought of that, too, and will release a well-padded Cars 2-themed iPad case later down the line. That little piece of kit will set you back a heady $49, but that's considerably less than the cost of a brand-new iPad. Hit the jump to take a look at a video of the AppMates in action.

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