Chevy Camaro to get Ford Mustang Cobra Jet competitor?

Word has it that General Motors may be out to finally counter the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet and Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. Until now, Ford and Dodge enjoyed nearly unhindered dominance of the turn-key dragster market, but LSXTV is reporting that GM is planning to unveil its answer at this year's SEMA show in November in the form of a Stock Eliminator Chevrolet Camaro. Details are markedly scarce at the moment, but that didn't stop LSXTV from hypothesizing about exactly what the quarter-mile Bowtie could bring to the table.

Chances are the Camaro will come with a serialized nameplate but won't be street-legal, and it will boast a track-specific suspension, brake and chassis package. Even so, as LSXTV points out, the Cobra Jet is feathery light compared to the big-bodied Camaro, so odds are the machine will need more horsepower to get it down the straight ahead of the Ford. That may mean a factory LS7 will be behind the headlights. Either way, we can't wait to see the machine in the flesh.

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