Toyota launches Pixis Space minivehicle in Japan

Over in Japan, Toyota Motor just launched the Pixis Space, the automaker's first-ever passenger minivehicle sold with a Toyota badge and the microvan will soon arrive at more than 200 Toyota dealerships nationwide.

Toyota says the Pixis Space, a rebadged Daihatsu Move Conte, has been designed to meet the diversified needs of buyers in Japan. The microvan features "sophisticated square styling," and comes in two distinct variations – the basic L and X (pictured) models and the more stylish Custom X, Custom G and Custom RS versions.

Equipped with Toyota's eco-IDLE2 – a fuel-saving stop-start system – select versions of the Pixis Space return a class-leading fuel economy rating of 25.5 kilometers per liter (60 mpg U.S.) on Japan's generous 10-15 test cycle.

All versions of the Pixis Space use a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and come equipped with a 660-cc gasoline engine. Up-level versions of the front-wheel-drive Space get turbocharged. A four-wheel-drive setup is available on turbo'd Custom RS versions of the Space.

Pricing for the Pixis Space starts at 1,120,000 yen ($14,661 U.S. at today's exchange rate) and top out at 1,611,000 yen ($21,083 U.S.).
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TMC Launches 'Pixis Space' Minivehicle in Japan

-Vehicle First of Minivehicles to be Supplied by Daihatsu on OEM Basis-

Toyota City, Japan, September 26, 2011-Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan today launched the "Pixis1 Space", the first passenger minivehicle to be launched under the Toyota brand. The vehicle will be sold through more than 200 Toyota dealerships nationwide.

The Pixis Space has been designed to meet the diversifying needs of car-buyers in Japan. The vehicle features sophisticated square styling, employs functions and equipment suited to daily driving and has high environmental performance.

Coming in two distinct variations-the simply styled "L" and "X" models and the strong-presence "Custom X", "Custom G" and "Custom RS" models-the Pixis Space's unique design and eight available body colors create variety that enables buyers to better select a vehicle suiting their tastes. The vehicle's carefully crafted and color-accented front seats convey sophistication, contributing overall to its comfortable interior. Moreover, the adoption of the eco-IDLE2 system-a new idling-stop function-in the X and Custom G models, achieves class-leading3 fuel efficiency of 25.5 km/l in the 10-15 test cycle outlined by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

The Pixis Space represents the first vehicle supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) to TMC under a minivehicle OEM agreement reached in September 2010.

Assembly Plant: Oita (Nakatsu) Plant, Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Grade Engine Transmission Driveline Price*1
(660 cc) CVT Front-wheel drive 1,120,000
Four-wheel drive 1,241,000
X Front-wheel drive 1,220,000
Four-wheel drive 1,341,000
Custom X KF
(660 cc) CVT Front-wheel drive 1,320,000
Four-wheel drive 1,441,000
Custom G Front-wheel drive 1,420,000
Four-wheel drive 1,541,000
Custom RS KF
(with intercooler-equipped turbo)
(660 cc) Front-wheel drive 1,490,000
Four-wheel drive 1,611,000
*1Includes consumption tax, does not include recycling fees and differs in Hokkaido

Vehicle Outline

Wide variety to match personal tastes

Two distinct style variations and eight available body colors allow selection that matches personal taste.

L and X
With a square form characterized by bold surfaces and excellent driving visibility, the L and X models also deliver an unassuming cabin space, with simple horizontal accents. A warm gray interior gives a welcoming, modern impression.

Custom X, Custom G, Custom RS
The vertical two-lamp, high-intensity discharge headlight configuration and front aerodynamic bumpers contribute to the imposing front view of the Custom grade models, while the side stone guards play into a side silhouette distinguished by a low center of gravity. The inside is characterized by black undertones and an illuminated instrument panel with switch-controlled graduated lighting, combining to deliver a cool, subdued interior.

Spacious cabin area ensures comfort for all occupants

A long, 2,490 mm wheelbase provides the Pixis Space with a 2,000 mm cabin length. Combined with ample height and a broad width, there is plenty of room for four adults while still ensuring sufficient luggage space.

Designed for everyday use, the vehicle features front seats reminiscent of a sofa that are the result of careful attention to fabric selection and fine needlework.

Superior environmental performance

All models adopt a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with both available engines, the 660 cc KF engine with Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT)4 and the 660 cc KF engine with an intercooler-equipped turbo, thus giving the vehicle a smooth ride and high fuel efficiency.

The front-wheel-drive X and Custom G models are equipped with eco-IDLE, a new idling-stop function, and get 25.5 km/l (equivalent to 91g/km of CO2 emissions) in the 10-15 test cycle outlined by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

All models (excluding the Custom RS) surpass the Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards5 by 25%. Combined with certification for emission levels 75% lower than 2005 standards under the MLIT approval system for low-emission vehicles, these models qualify for a 75% reduction in the Japanese automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax, in accordance with the Japanese government's taxation system for environment-friendly vehicles.

1Inspired by the word pixy/pixie
2Registered trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
3Compared with minivehicles of 1,550 mm or higher
4Registered trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
5Specified under the Japanese Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy

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