MV Agusta Brutale R 1090 is cheaper speed

  • MV Agusta Brutale R 1090 side

If you're looking for all of the excitement that the 1100cc engine in the MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR has to offer with a slightly more palatable price tag, we have some good news for you. MV Agusta has just whipped the sheets off of the company's new Brutale R 1090. Buyers can expect to find the same beating heart between the frame, though with lower-specification wheels, brakes and various other pieces along for the ride compared to the mighty double R.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. The lower-rung kit means that the Brutale R 1090 will hit the showroom with a price tag of €13,990, or $18,980 at current conversion rates. Expect the actual U.S. MSRP to be far below that figure.

Even so, that price nets you a 144-horsepower, radially-valved engine that's sure to scare the hair off your hide. Fortunately, the manufacturer has thrown in an eight-way adjustable traction control system to keep you off of the pavement and on two wheels. Or one wheel, depending on your throttle position. Expect to see the machine show its face to the public for the first time at the EICMA show later this year.

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