Automotive News is reporting that the Canadian Auto Workers union is concerned that General Motors may shift production of the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain from its current location near Toronto to the automaker's Spring Hill, Tennessee facility. GM recently agreed to open the southern plant as part of its agreement with the United Auto Workers, and CAW President Ken Lewenza says that the company won't tell him whether or not Equinox and Terrain production will continue to hang around his neck of the woods. GM, meanwhile, says that it won't comment on future production plans.

There is a chance that full-scale production of the two crossovers would remain in Canada while overflow production could land on the shoulders of the Spring Hill facility. That would retain jobs in both locations, and help GM alleviate its tight supply of the vehicles. Automotive News reports that currently, dealers are operating with a 33-day supply of Equinox models and a 42-day supply of Terrain vehicles. Those figures give the crossovers the distinction of having the thinnest supply of any of the automaker's high-volume vehicles.

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