Submarine Ferrari Enzo heads to Edo Competion by air mail

  • ZR Auto Ferrari Enzo front

If, like the rest of us, you were wondering exactly what would become of the bright yellow Ferrari Enzo that took a dive into the bay at the 2011 Targa Newfoundland, wonder no more. According to the owner's Facebook page, the carbon-fiber beast will ride again courtesy of the good people at Edo Competition. ZR Auto has packed the Prancing Horse into an air freight crate for a quick hop across the the pond in a 747. Judging from the photos, the vehicle only suffered slight aesthetic damage on the front right corner after smashing through a wooden walkway. The owner also took quick action to begin disassembling the dash to hose everything down with WD40 to displace any sneaky salt water that could cause problems later.

What does Edo Competition have planned for the Enzo? There's no telling, but we'd guess that even more power is likely part of the recipe. Owner Zahir Rana has already hinted at returning to Race the Base in 2012 with even more power on tap. Thanks for the tip, Keith!

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