Power Wheel Racing needs your help

Our favorite racing series just got a bit of competition, and it comes in a surprising form. We're not saying this will take the place of the 24 Hours of LeMons, but it's certainly captured our attention. Called the Power Wheel Racing Series, this form of electrified motorsports pits racers against each other as they pilot uprated kids toys around a track.

To put it rather simply: this is awesome, and we want in.

The series needs a bit of help, however, to go from a singular event into a full-blown season for 2012. The minds behind the mayhem have turned to Kickstarter, and they are accepting your cash in exchange for a differing level of gratitude based upon how much you're willing to plunk down.

If you need some convincing, click past the jump to learn more about the series. After that, head over to Kickstarter and show this fledgling race series some love.

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