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eBay Motors launches World's Fastest Car Show with Justin Bell

Justin Bell and eBay Motors have teamed up for a new web-based car show called, fittingly enough, "The World's Fastest Car Show." The premise is pretty straight-forward, with Bell taking to the wheel of some piece of drool-worthy metal in the first half of the show before heading off to an event in the latter half. The inaugural episode features a stint in the delicious Ford Mustang Boss 302 on Mulholland Drive as well as a stop in at Pebble Beach for a peak at the concept lawn.

Bell spends some time with a variety of concepts before deciding that the electrified Porsche 918 RSR is the belle of that particular ball. Race fans will likely recognize Bell as the same champion race driver who has campaigned at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA GT series. "The World's Fastest Car Show" will debut a new episode each week. Hit the jump to check out the first episode for yourself.

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