NASA to award $1.65 million in Google Green Flight Challenge

The CAFE Foundation has announced that Google will sponsor the NASA Centennial Challenge flight competition known as the Green Flight Challenge (GFC). The CAFE Foundation (which here stands for Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency) will host the event from September 25 through October 2 at Sonoma County Airport in California. The NASA-funded prize purse of $1.65 million is thought to be the largest ever for a non-spaceflight aviation challenge.

The CAFE Foundation will conduct the multi-day flight competition in which hydrogen, biodiesel electric and hybrid aircraft must demonstrate the ability to hit speeds of at least 100 miles per hour and 200 passenger miles per gallon equivalent during a 200-mile flight.

In addition to the competition, the multi-day expo will include over 20 exhibits by firms specializing in green aviation technologies. These exhibits range from vertical takeoff aircraft and autonomous vehicles to advanced motors, propellers and more.

All GFC aircraft will be on display at Moffett Field on October 3, where a noon ceremony is scheduled to announce the winners. Free tickets for the event are available here. Loads of additional info on competing aircraft can be found by clicking here.

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