Intersection magazine decks out a special edition Honda CR-Z [w/video]

The roles of the automaker and the car magazine are well delineated: The former makes the cars, and the latter reports on them. Once in a while, though, we see the two changing hats, as automakers produce their own brand magazines and magazines build their own kit cars and whatnot. But this collaboration, for better or worse, brings the two that much closer. And if any publication was going to break the mold, we suppose it would have to be Intersection.

For those not familiar, Intersection is a different kind of car magazine from what you typically pick up at the news stand – more for fashion-forward hipsters than for grease-monkeys and gearheads. The publication typically features spreads featuring skinny models in skinny jeans next to Nissan Cubes and vintage Volvos – or an Audi submerged in a swimming pool – but for their latest project, the French edition of the magazine teamed up with Honda for the special-edition CR-Z you see here.

The unique hybrid coupe is distinguished by a matte beige paint job with orange steel wheels riding on matching orange tires for the summer, and black wheels with black tires for the winter. Eley Kishimoto outfitted the interior. It was unveiled just the other day at the Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris, and while it looks to be a one-off for the time being, Honda France is reportedly considering a limited run for public consumption. Follow the jump for a video (in French) on the paint selection process and check out the images in the gallery for a closer look.

HONDA CR-Z x INTERSECTION from French Cut on Vimeo.

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