Czech scooter manufacturer Akumoto and electricity generation conglomerate ČEZ have teamed up in attempt to set a world record for the longest distance covered by an electric scooter in 24 hours. The record-setting attempt ended Tuesday with the non-modified Akumoto electric scooter clocking 1,136.3 kilometers (706.1 miles).

It's estimated the trip required just 40.8 kWh of electricity and cost only 190 Czech Korunas ($10.35 U.S. at the current exchange rate). Some simple math reveals that the electric Akumoto's operating costs came in at approximately one and one-half cents per mile.

Akumoto's sales manager, Lukáš Drahovzal, said that the record-setting attempt was meant to prove that two-wheeled EVs are more versatile than people think. "Given that modern electric scooters in principle have exchangeable batteries, we were interested in learning just how far electric scooters could go in a set period," he said.

ČEZ says next in line are electric vans and trucks, which will require the conglomerate to adapt much of its existing network of scooter-specific charging stations for use on four-wheeled transport mobiles.

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