Shanghai Volkswagen launches Tantos electric vehicle sub-brand

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  • E-Lavida
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China's vehicle application catalog, released today by the nation's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, confirms that Shanghai Volkswagen will launch an electric vehicle-only sub-brand with the name Tantos (not to be confused with Thanatos), according to China Car Times.

Based on spy shots and the catalog number, China Car Times reports Tantos' first electric offering will be the E-Lavida, a vehicle that debuted in China back in mid-2010. Tantos joins Kai-Li, FAW-Volkswagen's electric-only sub-brand. Though Tantos and Kai-Li vehicles will both be sold exclusively in China, it's believed that VW's decision to launch two electric-only sub-brands is a strategic move that will give the German automaker a step up on the competition. It's unknown when either the Tantos E-Lavida or the Kai-Li E-Bora will launch in China.

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