Red Bull and David Coulthard off-road Austin's Circuit of the Americas, again

If you don't think David Coulthard has the coolest job on the planet, that's just because you haven't seen this video yet.

As you may recall, the Formula One driver and Red Bull recently headed down to Austin to display their excitement over the sport's return to American soil. Coulthard and his Red Bull racer got the chance to play with a few cowboys on Red McCombs' ranch before taking to public streets in the F1 car. That included a quick stop for doughnuts in front of the capitol building before heading off to the dirt bones of the new track for a little fun.

As far as we know, Coulthard is the first driver to have a crack at the track in any state or form, and we have to say that watching his carbon-fiber beast skip across the dry Texas dirt is enough to bring a smile to our eyes. From the looks of things, the Texas facility will provide a plenty challenging course for the world's best drivers. We can't wait to see it completed. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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